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Cape Chinen: A Beauty Spot Rich in Ryukyu Legends

Cape Chinen: A Beauty Spot Rich in Ryukyu Legends

Protruding from the east coast is Cape Chinen, a well-known beauty spot in Okinawa located just a 40 to 50-minute drive from Naha airport.
When exploring the southern part of the main island, this is an area that visitors will not want to miss.

Chinen Cape Park is a quiet place located on a hill, perfect for relaxing and whiling away the time. From here, visitors can overlook the sea of the emerald green, and it is also a famous spot for watching the morning sunrise. Visitors who do so can feel blessed while watching the sun rise from the Pacific Ocean.

Located several kilometers out is Kudaka Island, known as the ‘Island of the Gods’. Facing Kudaka Island and located close to Chinen Cape is Okinawa’s most sacred location, Seifa-Utaki.

The area around Chinen Cape scattered with numerous locations related to legends about the creation of the Ryukyu Kingdom, such as Yaharazukasa, the spot where the Ryukyu goddess, Amamikiyo, first stood on the main island of Okinawa. There are also many old castle ruins that were built before the Ryukyu Kingdom existed, such as the Chinen Castle Ruins.

On the west side of Chinen Castle is a fountain known as Chinen Ukka which is believed to be where the goddess Amamikiyo lived, as well as the location where rice growing originated from.

Why not take a drive around Chinen Cape and see the sacred land where the Kings of the Ryukyu Dynasty would complete their pilgrimages?

Access to Chinen Cape

50 minutes by car from Naha airport.