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Eat and Compare Okinawa’s Traditional ‘Ryukyu Confectionary’


When talking about Okinawan confectionary, Sata Andagi and Chinsuko are the most famous, but there are also many types of ‘Ryukyu confectionary’ that visitors will want to try during their travels.

The ones that are the most recommended, amongst many others, would be ‘Hanabouru’ (pictured here), ‘Kunpen’ (pictured middle) and Chirunko (pictured overleaf).

During the Ryukyu Dynasty, these were important sweets reserved for the high court that only the royal aristocrats and state guests could taste.

Today, anybody can try them, and they are even sold in supermarkets and convenience stores.
If you come across them on your travels, please try feel free to taste them!

Hanabouru is a baked sweet that uses plenty of egg yolks and is like a shortbread cookie.
Although the form of the wisteria flower that the biscuit takes varies from store to store, they are all handmade by craftsmen.

Kunpen, or Kunpin, is a baked sweet filled with sesame or peanut flavoured red bean paste.

Chirunko is a cute, Okinawan-style steamed cake topped with red colored peanuts and often eaten at celebrations.

Whichever sweet is chosen, they are all influenced by Chinese confectionaries and so they taste great with jasmine or oolong tea.

The taste and look is also slightly different from shop to shop, so tasting and comparing the different styles makes for a wonderful holiday memory.