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Southern Okinawa’s Secluded Resort, Mibaru Beach

Southern Okinawa’s Secluded Resort, Mibaru Beach

If you think that heading to the north of Okinawa’s main island is the place to go to enjoy Okinawa’s beautiful oceans, then think again!
To the south of the main island if Mibaru Beach with sweeping vistas of emerald green sea and pure white sand.

Roughly a 40-minute drive by car from Naha airport, Mibaru Beach is also close to both Okinawa’s famous holy land, Sefa Utaki, and another popular tourist spot, Gyokusendo.

As well as having easy access, it is also popular for its natural Okinawan atmosphere that cannot be experience in well-kept and developed beaches.

At low tide, the water is shallow that you could walk to the reef 1km away, and the waves are calm making it perfect for families with small children.

Not only can you enjoy swimming in the ocean, but there are other fun activities like jet skiing. There are also rocks with raised coral reefs around the beach, and you can see tropical fish in up-close in the shade of the rock.

Taking a ride on the glass boat and seeing the ocean through it is also a great experience, and allows you to watch typical Okinawan fish like the yellowtail clownfish and the pearl-spot chromis.

It is also next to Hyakuna Beach, and you can enjoy their charms all day long while walking along these beaches.

This beach is a place to relax and pass the time away, reminding locals of Niraikanai, a utopia in Ryukyuan religion.

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