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The Best Season is Rainy Season for Okinawa’s Hydrangea!

The Best Season is Rainy Season for Okinawa’s Hydrangea!

Okinawa welcomes its rainy season from the middle of May to the end of June.

However, like the main island of Japan, this does not mean that rain falls continuously every day and a day where it is pouring down can turn into drizzle and sunny spells.
Showers are common so it is always safe to take rain gear.

The flower best viewed during this season is the hydrangea.

The hydrangea is a flower that originated in Japan, and once it had passed through the Silk Road from China, it spread to Europe and America.

Its scientific name, hydrangea, is Greek and means ‘water vessel’. This is because the flower blooms around the same time as the rainy season.

To enjoy Okinawa’s rainy season to the fullest, why not visit a hydrangea garden in the north of Okinawa’s main island?

The Hydrangea Garden Yohena in Motobu is a privately owned hydrangea garden covering roughly 10,000m2 on the slope of a mountain. There are around 10,000 plants of 30 different varieties of hydrangeas, and when in bloom, there are as many as 300,000 flowers.

The beauty of the park is so overwhelming and it looks as if the whole mountain has been dyed blue.

Hydrangea is also beautiful when it is both wet from the rain and when it glistens under a clear sky after the rain has stopped.

When the peak time for hydrangeas has passed and the rainy season clears, summer will have officially arrived in Okinawa.