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In Summer, Eat Pineapple!


Throughout the world, there are around 2,000 different varieties of pineapple.

Most of Japan’s pineapples are grown and harvested in Okinawa, where the main production areas are Ishigaki Island, Iromote-jima and Nago City on the main island.

Pineapple fields are one of Okinawa’s typical sceneries, and although these fields can be seen before being harvested, the fruit is hidden amongst spikey leaves.

For Ishigaki Island, the season lasts from May to August while on the main island it starts in June.

This fruit is perfect for the hot season, as it contains plenty of vitamins C and B1 which help fight fatigue and are also good for the skin.

There are many sweets which are made from pineapples, but if you visit Okinawa during the season, then please try some fresh pineapple.

It is also interesting to taste and compare different varieties in addition to the common ‘smooth cayenne’, a Hawaiian species.

The ‘Bogor pineapple’, also known as the ‘snack pineapple’, comes from Taiwan and can be eaten straight from being picked.

There is also the ‘peach pineapple’, a small variety which was developed in recent years.
It is very popular and is slightly less acidic with a light, peachy fragrance.

From eating to shopping, Nago Pineapple Park is the perfect place for families and couples who want to enjoy Okinawa’s pineapples to the full!