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The Shima Banana, a Memorable Holiday Food!

The Shima Banana, a Memorable Holiday Food!

In subtropical Okinawa, families who grow bananas are not uncommon and bananas can often be seen in gardens while driving or walking around.

If you look closely, you will see that this ‘shima banana’, or island banana, is slightly different to the common banana.
It is smaller than those from the Philippines or Taiwan and is similar to the monkey banana, but its size and shape vary from the typical characteristics.

Other bananas are no competition in regards to taste.
Harvested from May to October, this banana has a springy texture and a rich, creamy sweetness with a slightly sour taste which makes it addictively delicious.

The shima banana is definitely one to try when travelling, but unfortunately, it is rarely found in the supermarkets.

Not only is it only available in small quantities, but the shima banana is also used as an offering around Obon Festival and sold at a high price./p>

Anyone who finds a ‘shima banana‘ at a souvenir store or station is very lucky.
It costs about ten times the amount of a normal banana, but it is worth the price!

It is ready to eat when the skin turns yellow and brown spots (sugar spots) appear. Unlike ordinary bananas, it is still fresh even when the skin turns black. Please try one!