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《Announcement of Temporary Inactivity of Service》
Our Office will be closed and unable to respond any appointment taking during the Golden-Week period, May 3rd - May 7th.
The service will be recommenced on 8th of May. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


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Cafe Yabusachi

[Cafe/Sweets, Italian/French/Spanish cuisine]

Yabusachi is a must for your Okinawa dining experience.

Access 15 minute drive from express Haebaru-Kita IC

MAPCODE-HR: 232 500 500*60
*"マップコード" and "MAPCODE" are registered trademarks by DENSO corporation. 【Map】
Shop Hour 11AM until Sunset
Lunch time: 11AM - 3PM
Tea time: 3PM - LAST 
Closed Wednesday (opens on holiday) 
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Payment method

Cash only