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[ID:12554]Smile Hotel Naha City Resort


Featuring low rates, a gigantic lobby, and a location that puts you a ten-minute drive from the airport, this hotel has a lot going for it.It also happens to be within walking distance of the monorail so it is easy to get around from here. The well-staffed, brightly lit, and enormous lobby features a restaurant, concierge, safety deposit boxes, valet parking and an assortment of friendly shops and kiosks.Your room comes with a full list of amenities and if you like they are available in non-smoking sections. Each room includes a newspaper delivered to your doorstep each morning, a delicious breakfast buffet that you do not want to miss ( 7 a.m. - 10 a.m.) , as well as complimentary coffee, bathrobes, cable TV and Internet.Overall this is a bustling and welcoming scene where you are likely to feel at home.

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