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Okinawa's traffic



How to use a monorail

1. Purchase a ticket from a ticket vending machine

Purchase a ticket from a ticket vending machine01

Purchase a ticket from a ticket vending machine02

Find your destination on the fare and time table located above the ticket vending machines. Press the button for your destination to get a ticket.
*It is also written in braille for blind persons.
If you a disabled ID holder, then show your ID to the stauff in order to purchase a discounted ticket.

2. Place your ticket in the slot

Place your ticket in the slot01

Place your ticket in the slot02

Your ticket will come out on the other side as you place it in the slot. Be sure to take it as you will need it again at your destination. (Same as a day-pass card)
*Make sure you won’t lose it on your travel.

3. To the platform

platform01 Single platform

platform02 Dual platform

You will come to a central hall after passing the gate. Find the sign to your right platform. Safety bars are installed on platforms. Be sure you get on the right one on a single platform.
*There are single and dual platforms. Please refer the station guide.

4. Getting off the monorail

Get off the monorail at your destination and go down to the central hall. Place your ticket into a slot. If the ticket runs short of money, the gate won’t let you through and you will have to pay the additional fee to the personnel attending the window.
There is no escalators that go down.


Manners of riding on monorail

  • 1. No smoking in the entire building.
  • 2. Please turn off your mobile on monorail.
  • 3. Do not throw anything off the platform.
  • 4. Please stay in a line when you purchase a ticket, get on an elavator and monorail.
  • 5. If you are bringing a bike onto monorail, it must be foldable or break it into pieces and put them in a special bag.
  • 6. For any reasons you must buy a ticket in order to go through the gate.
      (adult 200yen, child 110yen)