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Middle of the Island

[ID:10840]Southeast Botanical Garden


Expansive park of about two square kilometers with tropical and subtropical plants where you can also enjoy american and chinese foods at restaurants.We have been favored by locals and tourists from around the world since 1968. We began anew in July 2013, and starting with palm trees, the wide variety of species collected from around the world are under cultivation outside of the natural habitat. After your journey in the gardens, you can relish tasty local dishes at our restaurants as well.

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Basic Information

Name Southeast Botanical Garden
Address 2146 Chibana, okinawa-shi, okinawa 904-2143

(〒904-2143 沖縄県沖縄市知花2146)
Access 50min drive from the airport /10min from okinawa express Kita IC

MAPCODE-HR: 33 742 510*74
*"マップコード" and "MAPCODE" are registered trademarks by DENSO corporation.
Shop Hour 9am - 10pm(last entry: 9pm)
Closed Open daily
Price Elementary and Junior high:¥500 High school:¥1,000 Genaral:¥1,500
※under 6 years old and over 96 years old: free

【Yearly pass】
Elementary and Junior high:¥1,250 High school:¥2,500

※for disabled and 1 accompany: 50% off

No entrance fee applies for those who are only for restaurant, shops or cafe. We offer special discount for clients that are for both restaurant and the garden as well.

WiFi Available
Other features Spaces for 340 vehicles

Botanical Gardens where you can enjoy with the 5 sences

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Welcome to the exotic gardens!

Starting with more than 1,300 plants, there are a wide variety of wild creatures in the Southeast botanical gardens. Many valuable tropical and subtropical plants including palm trees flourish under cultivation outside. The exotic world of plants and creatures awaits you!

As you enjoy taking a walk in the gardens, you will be amazed at the beautiful colorful flowers, wild small animals as well as rare plants that you can find in the gardens where over 1,300 kinds of tropical and subtropical plants grow in.

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Beautiful lotus flowers start flourishing as the rainy season comes. They fully-bloom in early morinings with sweet scent and fantastic colors. Make sure you don’t miss the droplets on its water repellent leaves as well!

How about being an early bird and starting one of the days in midsummer with the view of elegant lotus?

Nature experience


Potted Plants(up to 10 people)

Paint and set a plant in your favorite pot! Totally original, the one and only pot in the world.

Available for elementary and older Payment: ¥500

Available: daily
Hours / 10:00〜12:00(last entry11:20)
14:00〜17:00(last entry16:20)



Air Plants(up to 10 people)

Bring new colors of nature into your home by making air plants with lovely shells!

Available for elementary and older  Payment: ¥1000


Hours / 10am – Noon(last entry11:20)
14:00〜17:00(last entry16:20)
Duration: 45 – 60min


Botanical night tour (up to 20 people)

Enjoy the breathtaking night sky of southeast with the sparkling stars!

Available for anybody (kids under elementary must be accompanied by an adult)
Payment: ¥500  Available: July – September

Hours:8pm – 9pm
※reservation required at least a day prior.


Botanic bottlium(up to 6 people)

Bottlium is one of the ways of planting in glass pots. Creat your own tiny botanical garden in a glass pot!

Available for elemetary and older  Payment: ¥1500

Available:July – September 持ちもの: なし
Hours:10am – Noon (last entry:11:20am)
14:00〜17:00(last entry:4:20pm)
Duration:45 – 60min



※reservation required, available at the receptional counter at the southeast botanical gardens.


Bull art(up to 20 people)

Be an unique bull artist! Paint the white, life size bull statues that are in our open yard!

Available for anybody 
※Kids under elementary must be accompanied by an ad
Payment: ¥300 Duration: up to 30min

Hours / 10:00~12:00(last entry11:30am)
・2pm – 4pm(last entry3:30pm)


※Hours vary by seasons.



Fishing is available as well on the Katarai-bashi bridge in our Water Gardens!

Available for anybody

※Kids under elementary must be accompanied by an adult
Payment: ¥300   Pair discount(parent & child)  ¥500~
※¥250/per person after two.

 Hours:10am – 5pm(last entry:4:30pm(Hours vary by seasons.)

Walking / Trolley Tour


Observe the plants grown in Okinawa’s subtropical climate!

The resort that revives the lives of tropical and subtropical plants as well as a wide variety of species with comfort and pleasure has returned with 2 types of tour, a 40 minute walking tour and a 50 minute trolley tour.

payment for per tour: ¥500

Walking tour(up to 20 people)

Have a pleasurable tour with a guide! Starting with the valuable plants that can only be seen here, you will actually get to touch stunning plants and flowers.Enjoy the gunuine views of nature along with scent that these plants and flowers make.

Tour schedule : 10:30/11:30 15:30/16:30 17:30/18:30

※in red are only available on weekends.

Trolley tour(up to 9 people)

A trolley tour is available for you to relax and enjoy the entire park. Do not miss the plam trees that are only two in the gardens.

Tour schedule : 10:00/11:00 12:00/13:00 14:00/15:00 16:00/17:00 18:00/19:00

※in red are only available on weekends.

Restaurant Peace


With a concept of “healing and healthy” with use of local ingredients, enjoy our unique fusion of asia and america in our space!


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Southeast Botanical Garden

High school¥1,000➡¥900
Elementary and Junior high¥500➡¥450

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Name Southeast Botanical Garden
Address 2146 Chibana, okinawa-shi, okinawa 904-2143

(〒904-2143 沖縄県沖縄市知花2146)
Access 50min drive from the airport /10min from okinawa express Kita IC

MAPCODE-HR: 33 742 510*74
*"マップコード" and "MAPCODE" are registered trademarks by DENSO corporation.

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