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Miyako-jima island

Miyako-jima island

SKY Rent-A-Car Miyako: Class 1500cc

[Intermediate/full-size 4 passengers~]

The best rental car deal for your visit to Okinawa can be found at SKY Rent-A-Car Airport.

Access 5 minutes drive from Miyakojima airport. Free shuttle bus to the shop is provided.

Pick-up service:
SKY rent-a-car staff will be waiting at the pick-up area with a signboard outside the building where you will be coming out of after the arrival gate.
Drop-off service from the shop to the airport after returning the car is available before 8pm.

*During busy seasons, the process: from picking up at the airport to start the engine of the car may take about an hour. Please make plans with extra time.

MAPCODE-HR: 310 426 089*17
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Shop Hour 8AM - 8PM 
Closed Open daily 
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Miyako-jima island

J-net Rent-A-Car Miyako Airport: Class S

[K-Car 4 passengers]

We were opened in 2013 offering clean and comfortable rental cars that will meet your needs.

Access 5 minute drive from Miyakojima airport

Staff will be waiting with a signboard that says "J-net rent a car" outside the building of arrival lobby.
*Pick-up & drop-off services from and to the airport require reservations and available until 8pm.

Pick-up & drop-off services at Miyako port and nearby hotels are available from 9am to 6pm.

MAPCODE-HR: 310 426 379*36
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Shop Hour 8AM - 8PM 
Closed Open dialy 
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