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7th Tomigusuku Churashima Mamachari 5-hour Endurance Race

Which team will make the most laps in 5 hours?!

スライド 1

This is a 5-hour endurance race where teams compete together in groups of 10 or less on Mamacharis, a type of lady’s bicycle.


・Rankings are decided by how many laps are completed within 5 hours, and by the order of finishing. The team that makes the most laps within that time is the winner.
・There is also an award ceremony where prizes are presented to the teams with the best cosplay outfits and bike decorations.
・The participation prize for this event is unique, as participants can take home as many prizes as they can fit into their own bike baskets.
・Spectators can eat at the BBQ tent available onsite while supporting participants, and groups of friends, families and relatives, as well as companies and colleagues, can all make teams and deepen their relationships by participating in this spectacle.


【Participation Sign-up Period】
September 15th – November 4th


Event 7th Tomigusuku Churashima Mamachari 5-hour Endurance Race
Date 27th November 2016 (Sunday) ※ Will still take place with rain

START 10:00
FINISH 15:00
Price ≪Spectator fee≫

≪Participation fee≫
General  1 team 21,600
Social support groups  1 team 32,400
Companies ※ Please enquire
Place Toyosaki Chura Sun Beach, Tomigusuku
Address Okinawa Prefecture, Tomigusuku, Toyosaki 5-1

≪ Access by car ≫
From Naha airport, go south down the Oroku bypass for about 15 minutes.

≪ Access by bus ≫
Take either the 55, 56, 88, or 98 bus from Naha bus terminal and get off at Road Station Toyosaki. Then walk westwards for 8 minutes.

Map Code HR: 232 542 328*66
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Parking 800台
URL http://www.mamachari.okinawa/