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Ryukyu Glass Craft Village

[Hand made]

The largest glass factory in Okinawa! Come and watch the process, or you can even participate in!

Access 30min drive from the airport. Near Okinawa peace park.

MAPCODE-HR: 232 336 224*63
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Shop Hour 9am - 6pm 
Closed Open daily *Closed in case of typhoon or nearby. 
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Glass House In Forest

[Hand made]

Stop by to have a great experience for your journey!

Access 10 minute drive from Okinawa express Kyoda IC. 30 minute from Churaumi aquarium.

MAPCODE-HR: 206 686 412*52
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Shop Hour 9AM - 6PM 
Closed Open daily 
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Payment method VISAMASTERJCB銀聯DC



Sea Grape Picking Experience! with Free Gift. (Sea Grape Farm PuchiPuchi)

[Hand made]

Picking experience of fresh sea grapes at sea grape farm!

Access Take route 331, drive towards Nanbu Byoin (hospital).
Take a right at 真栄里食堂 (MAERI SHOKUDO), and keep going straight until you see Shisa Osteopathic Clinic and the noodle restaurant.
Take a right at the dead end, and drive between the sugarcane fields towards the ocean.
Take a right at a red vending machine, then you will see UMINCHI.

※Input the phone number (098-994-0016) on your GPS navigation to locate our store. 【Map】
Shop Hour 9:00AM - 5:00PM 
Closed Sundays 
Language (MENU) English 
Payment method

On-site Payment. CASH ONLY (Japanese Yen)

Duration 30 minutes 

Around Shuri


Shuri Ryusen

[Hand made]

Make your original gift to the special ones.. with Ryusen.

Access Take bus No.1/No.14/No.46 from Shuri station.
Get off at 'Shuri Koko Mae' or 'Yamakawa' and walk about 3 minutes.

※Parking available for 6 cars.

MAPCODE HR: 33 160 740*28
※"マップコード" and "MAPCODE" are registered trademarks by DENSO corporation. 【Map】
Shop Hour 9AM-6PM (Last check-in for the course : 5:00PM) 
Closed Open 365 days. 
Language (MENU) English 

On-site Payment. CASH ONLY (Japanese Yen)

Duration 40 minutes