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Powerful dance that enthralls the audience, the “Eisa”

Powerful dance that enthralls the audience, the

“Eisa” is Okinawa’s traditional performance art just like the Ryukyu Buyo and the Kumi Odori (both are traditional Ryukyu dance).

Originally, Eisa is known as a Nenbutsu Odori (Buddhist incantation), which the purpose is to praise and respect the spirits of our ancestors. Usually, young men and women from the local area volunteer to perform in the community, praying for good health and safety for each house.

It is Okinawa’s traditional event to show love and respect our ancestors, but in the recent years, the powerful performance is attracting many tourists who visit Okinawa.

The “Eisa Season” is usually between June and September during the Bon Festival of the lunar calender.
Eisa is popular in the Chubu (Central) Area, there are many events in various locations during this season where you can enjoy the performance.

The Eisa dance performed with the powerful beat of the taiko drums and the sound of the sanshin (Okinawa’s traditional three-stringed instrument) , the excitement and the greatness can not be expressed with words.
The performance fascinates the audience.

Not only you should focus on the perfect in-lined motion, but what attracts the audience are that the choreography, outfit, and the shouts. It differs between each area, and every area has its own style.

In the recent years, creative Eisa dance is also becoming poplar along with the traditional Eisa. Every Eisa dance is unique and original.
We recommend you to compare the dance performance between each dance group.

If you hear the sound of the taiko drums and the shouts, it’s a sign that you’re being called by the Eisa.
Find your way to the sound and the heat, and let the performance enthrall your mind.