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Where to Enjoy the Romantic ‘Star Sand’ Beach

Where to Enjoy the Romantic ‘Star Sand’ Beach

A sea of emerald green with beaches of pure white sand are satisfying enough on their own, but what makes Okinawa special from other resorts like Hawaii and the Maldives is the sand itself.

Shaped like stars, the sand comes from the coral reefs in the Western Pacific Ocean and can be found all over Okinawa. But to tell the truth, the ‘star sand’ is not actually sand, but rather the shells of living creatures.

Just as the white beaches are made of broken coral and seashells, the ‘star sand’ is made from the shells of Foraminifera which are part of the same protist as amoeba.

This doesn’t mean that it can be seen on all sandy beaches, but the most famous include Kaiji beach on Taketomi Island and Star Sand Beach on Iriomote Island, as well as Tokashiki Island’s Aharen Beach.

The star sand can also be found all over Hatoma Island, and the more isolated islands are also good spots.

With its cute shape, the star sand can bring joy to all who find it, but in recent years it has decreased and some beaches have even banned visitors from taking it home with them.

Before taking any home, please confirm whether or not it is allowed and help protect the star sand for future generations to enjoy.