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Middle of the Island

Resort Hotels

[ID:12739]Okinawa Zanpamisaki Royal Hotel


Take in the bright blue waves of the sea by day, followed by the breath-taking and lovely Okinawa sunset.This large resort style hotel offers a wide array of activities so that you will be entertained during your trip. It also is a fine place to pick to hold a convention, complete with multiple facilities; several banquet halls and the impressively grand Royal Hall itself, which is adjunct to a relaxing selection of open-air bathes and the sauna.This resort is actually famous throughout the island as a great place to come, both for the direct beach access and the well decorated bar, lounge and restaurants, all carefully arranged in elegant dark-wood paneling.The hotel is designed to give you a little taste of the royal treatment, and you are sure to find this hotel welcoming in the grand old style.

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