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Car rental

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Renting a car



Everyone in the car must wear a seatbelt.
Persons in the back seat also must wear seatbelts. In case you cause an accident and not wearing a seatbelt, insurance may not cover the damage you may have caused.


Parking violation

Please do not park a car illegally. If you receive a parking ticket be sure you have paid the fine before returning a car.


Driver’s license

You must bring your valid driver’s license in order to rent a car.


International driver’s license

Passport is required along with your international driver’s license.
International driving permit is valid for a year. Japan is also listed in the convention.


Overseas driver’s license

International driver’s license must be transffered by either JAF, Japanese embassy or conslate.


Pick-up and drop-off services

Depends on the company you rent a car from.
Pick-up location varies depend on the company.

Naha airport

Naha airport

1F Naha airport terminal

1F Naha airport terminal