【Okinawa Travel Info】Tourist information for Okinawa,Japan




We'd recommend to make a reservation by 5 days prior to your desire date.
For reservations requested 4 days to the day before your activity may be not confirmed, please understand before hand.

■To confirm your reservation

You will be replied within the next three business days after placing a reservation request..
Operation: Monday through Friday 9:30am - 5:30pm (Japan time)

■Change or cancellation of the reservation

If you have to make any change or cancel the reservation, log into our reservation list with your password provided when making the reservation and your email address you have provided to us in order to do so.
Otherwise send us a cancellation or change request via email we have sent to you.
Reservation: reserve@okinawatravelinfo.com
You shall read the cancellation policy as each one differs depending on the facility.

■Payment method

●On-site payment
A booking and service fee will be charged. Please make a credet card payment using the following payment method. (VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, DINERS)
Your reservation will be confirmed after the payment is approved.
Please make an on-site payment at the facility on your designated date.

●Credit card payment
please make a credit card payment for the sum of your chosen course(s) and the service fee will be charged. Available payment method: VISA/MASTER/JCB/AMEX/DINERS.
Your resevation will be confirmaed after the payment is approved.
No more payment needed unless you add extra courses/programs to your reservation. Please make on-site payment for the additional fee at the facility if you make changes to your reservation during the attendance.

※We accept the major credit cards. If your credit card payment is unsuccessful, please check your browser's security settings.
Online Credit Card Payment:http://okinawatravelinfo.com/site/web-settlement/

※Please provide the following information in the inquiry field.
・Number of Adults / Children(Ages)
・Pick-up Location

Name Private Car Service (Okinawa Travel Info) 【Store Information】
Time of Userequired Hour
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Drop-off Timerequired
Drop-off Locationrequired
Number of passengersrequired persons
Number of Passengers Under Five Years Old. persons
Dsired Languagerequired
your desired course

【Cancellation fees】

If the customer cancel the tour contract, a cancellation charge listed below must be paid to us.
If the customer who cancels the tour contract has made the contract with a group of more than 2 people, the cancellation fees deducted from the total tour fare imposed on transportation and accommodation services will be charged.

Cancellation date Cancellation fees
On the day 100%
3 days before 50%
  • 1)If you have to make any change or cancel the reservation, log into our reservation list with your password provided when making the reservation and your email address you have provided to us in order to do so.
    If you can't log into our reservation list, please send us your change or cancellation request through our reservation email address.
  • 2)Cancellation will be confirmed under the conditions below:
    a)The cancellation request must be confirmed by us through email by 5:30pm of the day before (except Saturday, Sunday and holiday) your designated activity date.
    b)When you are notified cancellation through a call or email from us due to cancellation placed by the tour company.
  • 3)If the tour contract is cancelled in any of the following cases, cancellation fees won't be charged.
    In cases where natural calamity or disaster, weather conditions, civil unrest, suspension of services related to transportation, accommodation and other facilities, governmental orders, or other causes make safe, smooth tour operation impossible, or when there is a valid reason to believe the tour cannot continue.

Your information

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Contact during your stay in Okinawa
Your hotel namerequired
Arrival date and flightrequired Flight
Returning date and flightrequired Flight

■Submitting a reservation request

The application submitted from this form is not confirmed untill you receive confirmation email from us.
Your reservation will be confirmaed only after the payment is received.
You can view your reservation information on our reservation list.

■You shall read the Terms & Conditions prior to booking.