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[ID:9804]OKINAWA Fruit land


Let's explore our new type of attraction!Receive a voucher at the counter as you're ready to go into the world of a story! Solve quizzes at each place as you can move on the journey to the fairy's world. Now are you ready to be a part of a story?

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Basic Information

Name OKINAWA Fruit land
Address 1220-71 Bi-mata,nago city,okinawa 〒905-0005.

(〒905-0005  沖縄県名護市為又1220-71)
Access 20 minute drive from Okinawa Churaumi aquarium / 15 minutes from Kyoda IC.

MAPCODE-HR: 206 716 585*30
*"マップコード" and "MAPCODE" are registered trademarks by DENSO corporation.
Phone 098-052-1568
Shop Hour 9AM - 6PM
Closed Open daily
Price 【Admission fee】
Adult (high school ~) ¥1,000
Child (4 years old - junior high) ¥500
Payment method

Cash only

Language(MENU) English
WiFi Available
Other features Entarnce fee must be paid in cash or Edy only.
Credit and debit cards are accepted at shops inside.

1. The cave of the lnvisible letters


Let’s find the secret letters.


It is the gate of the kingdom. 

Vivid crystal, jewels and magic square are shining in the cave. 
You’ll find a message from invisible fairies as you keep going in the cave.
It might be something important…

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Invisible fairies have been existed since even before the tropical kingdom was built.

They are also called the biggining of fairies.

They know everything about the kingdom but you can not see them.

There might be a reason for them to turned out to be invisible…

2. The waterfall of wisdom


“Get the message from waterfall”.


The waterfall of wisdom produces water that contains abundant minerals.
All the fruits in the tropical kingdom are grew big and tasty with the water.



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The waterfall has a magical power and it’ll guide a lost one to the way he’s supposed to go as he shows the secret letters.

It is said that it’s deeply connected to the invisible fairies.

3. The Butterfry Garden


Can you find the fairies of the tree stump?


Fairies of the tree stump are very shy and hard workers.

They live in butterfly garden of tropical kingdom, and take care of 
tree nymph butterfly (Idea leuconoe).

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If you wish to meet them, follow the small footprints that they have left.

They will leads you to the house that they live in.

4. The Bird Yard


Let’s find the big bird with 5 colored feathers!


Lots of birds live in the Bird Yard.

One of them is big and has 5 colored feathers.

He must be the one that knows about the first key to the fairyland.

If you want to meet him then there is one condition.. 
Seems like the magical disc has the hint for it.


5. 全The Tree that bears All Fruits


What is the fruit that fairies love the most?


The mysterious  wonderful tree that bears all kinds of fruits.

Once upon a time, there was a big war in the tropical kingdom and it put the kingdom in critical.
The legend says the tree saved them with a great power.

It is now called “Life of tree” and loved by everybody in the kingdom.

Fairies come and fly around daily to pick up the juicy fruits.

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  • wood5-3

Look! It seems that fairies have left the second key for everyone
to get in the fairyland!   Take a look..

6. Monyument with the Giant’s Prophecy


The giant’s prediction..What does it say?


Long time ago, there was a giant living in the tropical kingdom.

He was generous and loved by everyone.

He had helped build the kingdom and cutivated the poor soil into rich as well.

He had mysterious power which was..

 to give prophecy.

Despite of the comfortable living, he left his last message and has left the kingdom.


7. The Whimsical Floor


Let’s find the symbols marked on the ground.


Long time ago, the ground was covered in order to seal something in.

Since the position of the ground changes every day, it is called “whimsical ground” by the citizen.

When kids are playing on the ground, it starts moving around.

According to the stone monument, reveal the secrets of the ground and find the key to the fairyland.


8. The Land of the Fairies


Are you ready to step into the fairyland?


You need to memorize the 19 magical fruits and the 4 symbols as a key hidden in the kingdom in order to step into the fairyland.

If you can’t help the king, all the fruits will die..

Now you’re at the climax of the adventure!

The king is just waiting for you to rescue him!!


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    Gate to the fairy’s world

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    Shopping Area



OKINAWA Fruit land

Admission fee 10% OFF
Adult (high school ~)¥1,000➡¥900
Child (4 years old - junior high) ¥500➡¥450


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Name OKINAWA Fruit land
Phone 098-052-1568
Address 1220-71 Bi-mata,nago city,okinawa 〒905-0005.

(〒905-0005  沖縄県名護市為又1220-71)
Access 20 minute drive from Okinawa Churaumi aquarium / 15 minutes from Kyoda IC.

MAPCODE-HR: 206 716 585*30
*"マップコード" and "MAPCODE" are registered trademarks by DENSO corporation.

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