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Advertising Service

Advertising(Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Korean)

We help you advertise your shop to tourists from every part of the world!

Pages for Top and each Category


Gourmet, Attractions, Experiences, Water Sports, Tours, Beauty, Shopping, Wedding and Rental Car

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基本情報en メニューen クーポンen

・Pictures you provide us will be displayed.

・Contains Menu or details.

・Promote your business with coupons! (It’s your choice whether to issue coupons)

Menu Translation

Great Service to Foreign Customers


Have you had difficulties explaining what is on your menu to foreigners? Let us translate your menu for clarity on what you’re serving today!

In order to provide your foreign customers prompt services, having your menu translated in advance will be one of the best ways.

*This service is provided free of charge to our clients with monthly-paid contract.

(Number of character is limited. Please feel free to ask for further information.)

Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean

Advertisement Fee

Promotion Now!

Monthly Contract

¥9,000 (includes menu translation, use of calling center)

Yearly Contract

¥100,000 (includes menu translation, use of calling center)

Charge Over Each Reservation

Per reservation yen / % of total amount

Registration Fee(reporting fee) This won’t apply with providing us data of photos.

Banner Advertising

TOP Page (A・B) / Category Page (C)


Banner Ads A・B・C

Location Size Price

Top banner A

234×60 px


Banner B1

300×250 px


Banner B2-B4

300×170 px


Banner C1

300×250 px ¥200,000

Banner C2-C4

300×100 px ¥150,000

slider introduction

592×342 px ¥200,000


【Main Slider Introduction】
Your shop’s image will be displayed on the slide show.
It is one of the best ways to catch your potential customer’s eyes.
【Recommendation Frame】
Your shop’s image and description will be displayed on the position of the top page of each category with most clicks.

Please feel free ask for further information.