【Okinawa Travel Info】Tourist information for Okinawa,Japan


Terms & conditions

■Our purposes for arranged tour contract

We shall provide tour arrangements and itinerary managements so that the customer receives tour services such as transport and accommodations provided by transportation and accommodation operators during the tour itinerary set by us.

■Notice regarding reservations

If you’re applying for group tour arrangements with more than 2 people, the tour contract including conclusion and cancellation of the contract shall be exchanged between us and the group representative.

■How to apply and confirm

Enter your information required in our reservation form in order make a reservation.
Reservation is not confirmed by submitting a resertvfation form.
In order to have your reservation confirmed, you shall reply to our email to make sure all the information you will provide to us is correct.

■Payment method

Payment shall be made at the facility you have made a reservation for under their payment terms.

■Cancellation of tour contract

Placing a cancellation will occur cancellation fees under each facility’s cancellation policy.

1)If you have to cancel the reservation, log into our reservation list with your password provide when making the reservation and your email address you have provided to us in order to cancel.
Otherwise send us a cancellation request via email address we have sent to you.

Cancellation will be confirmed under the conditions:

  • ・The cancellation request must be confirmed by us through email by 5:30pm of the day before (except Saturday, Sunday and holiday) your designated activity date.
  • ・When you are notified cancellation through a call or email from us due to cancellation placed by the tour company

2)Cancellation fees will not be applied for the following reasons:
In case where natural calamity or disaster, war, civil unrest, governmental orders, or suspension of services related to transportation, accommodation and other facilities or other causes make safe, smooth tour operation impossible, or when there is a valid reason to believe the tour cannot continue.

■Liability of us and exemptions

1)In performing its obligations under the terms of its tour contract, should we cause damage to the customer through willful negligence or fault, the company shall be liable for such damages. However, this only applies if the damage report is made within 2 years (14 days for baggage) reckoned from the day following the occurrence of the damage. For damage to baggage, we shall compensate up to a maximum of 150,000 yen per person however it’s not applicable when damage is caused intentionally by us or through serious negligence.

2)We shall not be liable for dameges occured when they occur for the following reasons,

  • ① Suspension or change of services made due to natural disaster, war, or civil unrest.
  • ② Suspension or changes of tour due to accident of transportation or fire of accommodations.
  • ③ Suspension or changes of tour due to governmental orders or isolation resulting from infectious diseases.
  • ④ Accidents occured during the customer’s free activities.
  • ⑤ Food poisoning
  • ⑥ Theft
  • ⑦ Delays, stoppages, changes of schedule and route in relation to transportation facilities, and tour itinerary alterations and, or shortened stays at destinations owing to such causes.

■Liability of customer

  • ・We shall require the customer to indemnify us for losses sustained owing to a customer’s willful negligence or fault.
  • ・The customer is required to make every effort to utilize information acquired from us and to understand the details of his or her rights and responsibilities as well as the details of tour conditions.
  • ・After the start of the tour, if a customer should find the tour service provided is different from that specified in the tour contract, the customer is required to report the discrepancy to us immediately.

■Privacy Policy

We make it a high priority to ensure the security and confidentiality of your personal information by our privacy policy.

■Arranged tour terms and conditions

Other matters that are not listed here are based on the company’s Travel terms and conditions. Printed our Travel terms and conditiond can be requested or can be viewed from here.

Please read the terms&conditions before you apply to a tour.
You must take the terms&conditions document or print it out.